Everyone of us who has driven on the highways and side streets of southern Minnesota know that improving the roads and key infrastructure our farms, businesses and people all depend on is an ongoing issue and needs more attention.

In addition to the roads, our bridges, water mains, sewers, waterways and drainage systems must be updated and maintained.

Properly funding infrastructure maintenance and improvements is expensive but critical to our rural economy and quality of life.

Because there are so many fewer tax-payers per mile of road here in greater Minnesota, Local Government Aid (LGA) and County Program Aid (CPA) funds will continue to be essential tools in calling on the larger tax bases of the Metro to help pay for these critical projects across the state.

I would also support revenue options like a fuel tax (shared by Minnesotans through the state) to help keep local property taxes low for families and farmers, while giving us chance to achieve major infrastructure improvements and 21st-century modernization efforts to the routes of corridor that power so much of our business in greater Minnesota.

What do you think?

What infrastructure projects and approaches would you most like to see?

Email me and let me know.