Environment & Public Lands

I think most Minnesotans, regardless of political leanings, envision and wish for a future where our children and grandchildren have the same connection to the land and to the outdoors that we grew up with.

Minnesotans have earned a reputation nationally as as people that appreciate and protect the land, take pride in our “10,000 lakes” and enjoy and protect the great outdoors.

I'm proud to have received the Sierra Club endorsement for this race, as the candidate who will work to make sure the environment and federal, state and local parks and public lands are part of the legacy we pass to future generations.

Clean Energy & The New Energy Economy

I’m proud that our state (and our area in particular) are already doing a lot to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy and taking part in the growing clean energy economy.

I’m also proud that pursuing clean energy has been a bipartisan initiative in our state, with many clean energy initiatives originating with Governor Tim Pawlenty and being continued under Governor Dayton.

I support efforts to increase greater Minnesota's participation in clean energy industries and leading the way in the transaction to clean, renewable sources of power.

What do you think?

What environmental and energy topics are important to you?

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