Schools in Greater Minnesota could not have a better advocate at the Capitol than Melissa Wagner. She understands the need to reduce standardized testing in schools and to increase access to mental health care for all our children, but she can also push for the things rural schools need in particular.

Denise Specht
President, Education Minnesota

Our Kids Deserve The Best.

As you might guess for someone who has worked as a school social worker for 24 years, I am a big advocate for kids and education. Children in rural Minnesota deserve to get a world-class education: to have a great school experience, to be educated in safe, well-functioning schools, and to have every opportunity along their educational path that students do in larger cities.

Every one of our children deserves a fair shot at pursuing their dreams and creating a bright future for themselves.

The single best way we, as a community, can make sure that all our kids have that chance is though strong public schools that are well-integrated and supported in the community and, most importantly, focused on student success, not just test scores.

As your State Representative, I will work to:

Encourage community partnerships with public schools.
Reform & improve standardized testing and make sure tests help, not hinder students.
Support changes to school financing that make funding more equitable, especially for rural Minnesota.
Support programming and curriculum that is relevant and responsive to student needs and interests.
Make sure that all children have a healthy and respectful learning environment that meets their emotional and educational needs.

What do you think?

What’s important to you in our kids’ education?

Email me and let me know what you think.