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Challenges related to healthcare are some of the most pressing issues facing many families in our district. Improving health care cost and access for our families is going to take real bipartisan work in the legislature.

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Education (K-12)

Every one of our children deserves a fair shot at pursuing their dreams and creating a bright future for themselves. We can make that happen for them by making our public schools competitive, safe and effective.

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Roads & Infrastructure
Roads & Infrastructure

All of us who has driven on the highways and side streets of southern Minnesota know that adequately maintaining our roads and bridges is an area of concern and needs more attention and funding that it currently receives.

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Environment & Energy

Most Minnesotans, regardless of political leanings, envision a future where future generations will get to experience Minnesota's natural beauty and have the same connection to the great outdoors that we grew up with.

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College & Higher Ed
College & Higher Ed

I will work to make higher education and modern job training and apprenticeship programs accessible and affordable for students in rural Minnesota - both traditional students and workers looking to upgrade their skill set.

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Net Neutrality & Rural Access
Net Neutrality & Rural Access

Fast, reliable and open internet is crucial to the success of our students and imperative for our rural workforce and economy to innovate, compete and grow.

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Other Issues & Questions

Are you anti-gun / anti-2A?

Absolutely not.

I support our Second Amendment rights and Minnesotans who own firearms for hunting, recreation and personal safety.

Guns are a part of life in greater Minnesota and are a staple in many rural households. My household is no exception. And while I'm not an avid hunter myself, many of neighbors and family members are avid sportsmen and gun enthusiasts.

What gun rights / gun control policies important to you?

Email me let me know what you think.

Where do you stand on Right To Work laws?
Why won't you sign a "no tax" pledge?
What if I want to know about something else?